Fibond Testimonials
Title: My Thinning Hair Looks Thicker
Name: Geri G
Age Group: 65-74
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Before Fibond
After Fibond
It's easy to be skeptical about a product that claims it will make your thinning hair look thicker. As far as I was concerned, a real (hair) piece was the only thing that would fill in my "balding" spot, which is exactly why I have one. But when I had my piece removed last week for refurbishing, I asked my friend, Elline, to shake Fibond on my thinning mane. It did just what the bottle said it would: The scalp at the front and crown of my head no longer showed. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone whose hair has a low to moderate degree of thinning.
Average rating 4.6/5 from 27 Customer reviews.