Why It's Superior
Fibond is unlike any other product on the market. Our technicians spent many years developing a perfect formula that instantly eliminates the appearance of hair loss and thinning within 30 seconds.

Fibond is all natural and undetected by the human eye. It has been put through many tests including rain, wind and perspiration and has held up amazingly well. Unlike other products, it does not contain animal furs or dyes. It's an all natural product that is charged with static electricity that creates a strong secure bond to your existing hair and scalp.

Fibond hair loss treatment is also recommended by doctors all over the world because it's natural and safe, unlike other methods like hair transplants that can be painful, noticeable and dangerous. If you are worried about hair loss and balding, Fibond will change the way you look and feel. We GUARANTEE it or your money back.

The comparison chart below compares Fibond to other products.
We are so confident you will absolutely love Fibond

Fibond Other Hair Thickening Products
Natural look Yes. Very natural looking Less natural look (coloring scalp).
Adherence to hair Yes. strong bonding fibers. No. Weak bonding fibers.
Free of animal contents Zero animal content. Material derived from animal furs.
Free of synthetic dyes Yes. natural coloring agents. Processed animal furs.
Hypo allergenic Yes. Plant based natural material. Animal furs cause itchiness.
Comfort Yes. natural fibers. Animal Furs-based fibers.
Durability Withstand wind, rain and sweat. Less durable between fibers and hair.
Natural product 100% natural Fiber. No. Synthetic dyes and preservatives.

Average rating 4.6/5 from 27 Customer reviews.